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Vieil Armagnac – Delord – 1951

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Established in 1893 The vineyard is located in the village of Lannepax. It is made up of the four traditional Armagnac grape varieties: Ugni Blanc 56%, Colombard 24%, Baco 14% and Folle-Blanche 6%. All year round the vineyard manager takes the greatest of care of the vines throughout their development.

The four grape varieties are harvested, pressed and vinified separately in a winemaking cellar, a few metres from the distillery.

They are one of the only Armagnac houses using the two methods of distillation; the continuous distillation method that is typical for Armagnac and the double distillation. The cellars have more than 1000 barrels and a dozen oak tanks that age and protect the Armagnac from the 20th century to the present day.

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